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SPA Center

Indulge in the soothing and relaxing atmosphere of the Sueno SPA Center to rejuvenate both your mind and body. Everything you need for a healthy body and a happy holiday is at your fingertips with our professional therapists who apply the world’s most famous techniques. In our SPA Center, which opens to the unique nature of the golf courses, you’ll find five massage rooms, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a steam room, a jacuzzi, and our relaxation area with a breathtaking view, where you can spend enjoyable hours.

Massage Service

Pamper your soul and body

“At Sueno, healthy living is like a dream, a paradise filled with unique experiences that will make your soul and body healthy and happy. By choosing the massage option that suits you best from the options we offer, you can take the first step into a delightful experience.”

Balinese Massage
Thai Massage
Tunisian Massage
Moroccan Massage
Ayurvedic Massage
Chinese Massage
African Massage
Indian Massage
Hot Candle Massage
Hawaiian Massage
All Treatment Massages
Zodiac Massage

Exclusive SPA

In our Exclusive SPA section, meticulously designed to offer our valued guests a privileged SPA experience, you can experience unique experiences in specially designed areas and relax in VIP couple rooms with massages and unique relaxation experiences tailored to you. Our exclusive SPA area is a common area for guests of Sueno Hotels Golf Belek and Sueno Hotels Deluxe Belek.

Wine Room

This unique experience, where red wine is skillfully mixed with warm water, allows you to truly experience anti-aging care. Then, you will leave the wine room rejuvenated and peaceful after a grape seed peel applied to the entire body and a massage with grape seed oil. *Additional fee required.

Salt Room

Thanks to the special structure of Himalayan Salt, the Salt Room, which plays an effective role in the treatment of ailments such as asthma and bronchitis, not only helps you get rid of the stress of city life but also contributes to your beauty with its skin healing and anti-aging properties.

Hay Room

Our hay room, specially designed and equipped with oat hay, which has a positive effect on the respiratory system, not only offers a relaxing experience but also strengthens your immune system.

Mud Room

Mineral-rich mud obtained from natural sources contributes to the treatment of dryness, spots, and other skin conditions, while also relieving joint and muscle pain, accelerating blood circulation, and supporting your body to rest and stay fit faster.

Ice Room

After hammam, sauna, and steam room sessions, you can choose our ice room to support your skin health, relieve muscle and joint pain, refresh, and regulate your blood circulation. Through this experience, you may feel your body relaxing and your energy increasing.

Sand Room

With the sand we specially brought from Egypt, we provide our guests with the joy of the beach even in the winter months. By burying yourself in warm sand, you can leave all your negative energy behind and enjoy a peaceful time as if you were on a real beach.

Thermal Pool

In our thermal pool, where the temperature is adjusted to 40 degrees Celsius, you can feel your muscles relax peacefully and enjoy the pleasure of Jacuzzi and water massage while resting your body.

Adventure Tunnel

In our adventure tunnel, which consists of a total of 3 tracks enriched with sound and light games and has a length of 15 meters, you can have a fun experience, refresh your body warmed up in the hammam, sauna, and steam rooms, and contribute to the opening of your capillary vessels.

Water Bed Comfort

The unique comfort of the specially designed hot water bed combines with the perfect enveloping and shaping of your body when you lie on it. It offers a complete relaxation experience with color therapy and special aroma.

Russian Sauna

Our Russian sauna allows your skin to look graceful by providing a humidity level close to the atmosphere and allowing you to feel young.

VIP Couple Room

Our VIP rooms invite you to a privileged relaxation experience with a special couple massage. Joyful moments spent in the Jacuzzi and private relaxation areas will help you leave your fatigue behind.

Steam Room

Experience the privilege of a pleasant SPA experience in our steam room, which allows your skin to moisturize and deep clean.


Add a flawless touch to your beauty with quality services applied by experienced professionals.

Slimming Room

Benefit from our regional slimming and body tightening therapy programs with our state-of-the-art equipment.

Ozone Therapy

The antioxidant properties of ozone therapy will not only take you away from stress but also help you feel slimmed down and energetic by getting rid of toxins in your body.


Balneotherapy, through hot water itself and the valuable minerals it contains, prevents joint calcification, contributes to preventing diseases that may occur at a young age before they are noticed, and provides an ideal environment for well-aging.

Pressotherapy (Lymphatic Drainage)

Pressotherapy not only reduces the appearance of cellulite, making your skin more flexible and smooth, but also helps to eliminate edema and toxins in the body. It also provides an ideal support to increase the effectiveness of regional slimming and body tightening programs.


The Calista device offers an effective solution with LPG, LED, Cavitation, and RF techniques to give you a young and healthy body. It effectively breaks down fat cells and reduces wrinkles by increasing skin tightness.

Botu VIP Anti-Aging

With an injection-free method that reduces muscle contraction by 82%, our Botu VIP Anti-Aging application effectively eliminates the appearance of wrinkles, giving your skin a noticeable youthfulness.

Fresh Caviar Treatment

The 3-stage Fresh Caviar treatment, which optimizes the moisture levels of the skin, supports with nourishing effects, and offers firming properties, helps you achieve a lively and healthy skin by providing essential nutrients for young skin.

GenXskin Therapy

This special treatment method activates 14 advanced genes in the extracellular matrix over a period of 14 days, providing a visible anti-aging effect in a short time and giving you a younger skin.

Energy Lift Treatment

Our Energy Lift treatment not only gives your skin a radiant look by reducing entrenched fat cells and shaping facial contours significantly but also provides a visible effect in a short time.



Our fitness center, equipped with state-of-the-art fitness equipment and a magnificent view of the golf courses, invites you to an energizing golf vacation.

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